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Welcome! My name is Sunita Goldstein. I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal and grew up in a small Himalayan town named Kalimpong in Northern India. Growing up in the great outdoors, I developed the ambition to stay fit and active at a very young age. I moved to the United States after completing high school and earned my Bachelors and Masters of Arts degrees from Sacramento State University. I entered the teaching field and had an amazing career teaching 1st grade for five years until my twins were born. I put my career on hold to focus on raising my twins who are now thirteen years of age. Once my kids were in school, I decided to start my own fitness business that brought together my love for teaching and my passion for fitness.

I started my fitness business 10 years ago with a focus of in-home personal training and corporate fitness classes. Over the years, I have expanded my business from personal training and fitness classes to monthly hikes and fitness/yoga retreats in beautiful locations. My love for nature and my passion for staying fit, prompted me to offer a wide variety of outdoor fitness programs. The focus of my business is to offer a well-rounded exercise program with elements of fun, adventure, exploration, discovery and fitness! My hikes and retreats have been a great way to meet people and socialize while getting a great workout and building a wonderful community.

Through my many unique fitness programs, I want to help others find motivation, inspiration and encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.

I feel there is a great sense of satisfaction in being able to do what I love and at the same time inspire and motivate others to achieve their health and fitness goals. I want to continue to instill the importance of fitness and healthy lifestyle to my twins, students, and clients alike. My goal is to keep exercise as positive and enjoyable as possible.


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